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led lighting
led lighting

light NF-DT-210F-40

Model NO.
Leading the way in retail lighting, slim track-mounted linear light supermarket lighting solution.
The Track Linear led lighting is specially researched for supermarkets to replace the traditional tube light, integrated with Track spot lights through the same tracks, illuminate the walkway between the shelves for general lighting, and the track spot lights illuminate the goods on the shelves.
Match Traditional Track Rails
Universal track adapter, compatible with multiple European 3-circuit tracks
Easy to install and replace
Flexible and fixed track lights create a highly decorative visual effect.
Supply more planning space for meeting the lighting requirements of retail areas
Choose From A Wide Range Of Retail And Supermarket Track Lighting Fixtures
LED Lighting Product Description:
Model No.: NF-DT-210F-40
Power: 40W
Light Source: SMD2835 LED 
Input voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
PF: >0.95
UGR: ≤19 
CCT: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K 
Luminous efficiency:>130LM/W  
Housing Color: Black & White 
CRI: Ra>80,Ra>90 
Beam Angle: 180° 
Track Type: 2 or 3 wires 1 circuit/4 wires 3 circuits/ 6 wires 3 circuits DALI dimmable
Operating Temperature: -40℃ - 50℃ 
Rated Lifetime: >50000hs 
Certification: CE, RoHS 
Warranty: 5 Years 
Installation: Track Mounted/Recessed Mounted/Suspended Mounted

Wide range of application scenarios for LED Lighting
Car Shop
Higher brightness make the motorcycles look pretty cool
Low glare provides a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere
Reception Area
The lighting in the reception area of the lobby should meet the needs of brightness and comfort


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