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interior designers
interior designers
magnetic lights
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magnetic spotlight NF-SD-557B-15

Model NO.
Slim LED magnetic spotlight and LED magnetic lights system
Pure and Translucent Infinite design possibilities
Innovative lens technology and double-layer optical design creates 
high quality low-glare lighting effect
Slim Design, Even Lighting Output, best choice for interior designers
Double-layered optical design, uniform light effect
Several magnetic spotlight options for different application scenarios
Create a variable atmosphere that matches different interior
Decorate the stylish and personalised lighting environment of your home

Adjust the brightness of the exclusive ambient light in real time to create different lighting moods
Convenient, Safe
High quality magnet with safety buckle design, securely adjust and move freely at all times
High Wattage Driver Simultaneous operation of several magnetic lights
Flexible installation accessories, easily adapt to different installation methods
Honeycomb design, light and safe
LED magnetic lights system
The magnetic lights system consists of compact profles/tracks, in which LED light modules are placed.
The light modules are magneticalyconnected to the tracks, making them easy to instal! by hand without the need for tools. 
The low voltage of the system alows the lioht modules to bepositioned and moved while the power is on. 
Whenthe light modules are magnetically connected to the rail, they are automatically powered and workimmediately.
The installation of the light modules is therefore no more than a simple click.
The system offers endless configuraton possibiltes due to the wide range of profles'racks, connectons, instalation types, light modules and controloptions. 
This makes the magnetic lights an al-in-one solution for even the most demandina architects and interior designers.
Rated power: 10W 15W
Input voltage: DC48V
Light source:TOYONIA COB LED
Luminous efficiency:>90LM/W
Color temperature: 3000K,4000K,6000K
Color rendering index:>80/90Ra
Beam angle: 15°24°36°
Life span:  >30000H
Material: Aluminum 
Unit size: ¢45*H100mm, ¢55*H120mm
Color: Black/White
Control: On/Off
IP Grade: IP20


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