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New Products

A LED light fixture, with elegant and modern design. This suspended downlight family combine between beautiful outer design and efficient luminous. 10W 15W 30W suspended downlight complete with COB LED module, reflector and remote electronic driver. Available in three sizes.
5W surface-mounted led spot light complete with GU10 LED light fixture. The lighting can be mounted on a ceiling or wall, 90° tiltable, and 355° rotational. This combination of compact, stylish, and flexible makes the led spot light perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, and bars.
Dimmable LED spotlight 20W square indoor led ceiling light, Recessed led bulb spotlight designed for professional lighting design.
The led lamp round shop light for areas in which fixed recessed lights are the first choice led light and still have to impress with their versatility.
The highly efficient 10W 15W 20W 30W 40W led energy saving lamp is unique designed with SMD2835 LED chip. This led lamp with short heatsink designed for any ceiling led panel light installations.
A recessed led ceiling light made of powder-coated aluminium housing with excellent heat sink capability to minimize luminous degradation.
led spotlight excels with a led head light appearance that highlights goods and surfaces more pointedly than ever before.Interior design arrangements and individual products alike – this discreet led bulb luminaire is a multi-talent in targeted illumination. The small trend led lamp spotlight featuring specially developed lens technology scores points with excellently focused light quality in the fashion sector, among others. Be it fashion or surfaces: its core led head light, which is brighter compared to reflector led spotlight, makes target objects stand out more vividly and sharply from their surroundings, enabling new lighting concepts. The led lights are equipped with a CRI above 90 in all light colours and provides intense highlights at small lumen packages.
18W pure and translucent infinite design possibilities LED magnetic track light and magnetic luminaires lighting
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