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In order to enhance the all-round customer experience service, Louis Geer has added a free lighting design service in 2022. With the help of the professional quality of the lighting design company and the company's exquisite lighting technology, we will create a perfect life for you wholeheartedly.

Lighting design scheme service specification

Service description:

1. According to the standard of floor plan and ceiling plan provided by the customer, coordinate the location of the site and select the appropriate lighting fixtures to make an effect drawing.  

2. Follow up and communicate with customers to facilitate project implementation. Follow up on customer usage and receive feedback.

Reports or analysis to be provided by Louis Geer

1. Lighting concept design, including lighting design description and reference atmosphere map.  

2. Architectural interior lighting design details (CAD).  

3. Indoor key space illumination, lighting simulation, CIE standard design.  

4. Lamp material list and installation instructions.  

5. The lighting and atmosphere integration of the overall project.  

Provide professional lighting designers to provide professional lighting design services for lighting projects, provide professional consultation and technical support in lighting fields related to lighting overall scheme, lighting selection, lighting position, lighting calculation, lighting effect, control system, etc., and provide Later lighting selection and on-site technical guidance services.

We sincerely thank you for your consistent trust and support to our company. The final interpretation right of this service belongs to Dongguan Louis Geer Optoelectronic Technology CO.,LTD. If there are any changes in 2022, our company will notify you separately. Service is everywhere, service is always there. To provide you with more high-quality value-added services, please look forward to it!

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