How to do the furniture showroom lighting design?

How to do the furniture showroom lighting design?

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Boutiques attach great importance to scene setting and generally design lighting in accordance with actual home use, enhancing the character of the products through accent lighting, and may also require the addition of lamps that simulate natural light.

*Three-dimensional lighting
The furniture is mostly arranged in three dimensions, so the lighting needs to be mainly three-dimensional, using wall-wash lighting as much as possible, with a colour temperature of 3000k, or 4000-5000k if you need to simulate natural light.

*Accent lighting
The surface illumination of the furniture needs to reach 500lx in order to perfectly show the material and surface texture of the furniture, and the colour rendering index of the luminaire needs to reach 90Ra or more. The precisely controlled light beam creates a sense of spatial hierarchy and most directly allows the user to understand the texture of the furniture product.

* Multi-level lighting for different situations
For example, in the bedroom space with multiple lighting sources, indirect lighting, recessed downlight, linear light, track mounted spot lights, etc., whether it is the creation of a mild lighting atmosphere before bedtime or sufficient lighting, can be adapted to the actual needs of users switch to use.

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