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led lamp
led lamp
led lamp
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led lamp

spotlight NF-SD-518C-32

Model NO.
The BEAU series track spotlight is made highly adjustable to provide you with efficiency in your lighting setups. The led lamp is with cylinder shape and simple design manages intense illumination making it perfect for any occasion. With its comfortable adaptable capacities, you will get a brilliant illumination for any spaces or subjects according to your needs. The projector light is easy to use and performs impressively when it comes to durability. This track projector will make sure you get the best results for any required project.
* Cylinder shape of Nordic minimalist design
* 0-355°rotatable 0-90°adjustable
* LEDs of SDCM<3 produce high uniformity soft light  
* Anti-glare design with UGR<19
* Optional Dimming: Bluetooth, DALI, 0-10V, Triac
* High color rendering index (CRI>90/95/97Ra) 
* Special design heat sink with excellent cooling system
* Available for narrow beam/wide beam, 17° 24° 45° 60°
* Various ways of installation: Track mounted/recessed mounted/surface mounted 
Product detail for spotlight
Brand: Louis Geer
Rated power:32W
Input voltage:AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Light source:LUMINUS COB LED
Luminous efficiency:>90LM/W
Color temperature:3000K 3500K 4000K
Color rendering index:  >90/95/97Ra
Projection angle: Multi-angle rotation adjustable
Beam angle: 17°24°45°60°
Service life:>50000H
Material: Aluminum 
Unit size:Φ92*L165mm
Color: Black/White
Material: Aluminium
Mounting System: 2/3/4/6 wires track(rails) system
Warranty: 5 years
Made In China
The track led lamp and spotlight are suitable for clothing shops boutique coffee shops etc.


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